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Vinícius’ Story 


Born: 2015 / Age: 8

Country: Brazil 

Journey to diagnosis

Vinícius was born weighing 4kg - big and healthy. He has always been above average in height and average weight for his age, with nothing altered in his physical appearance. He reached the milestones of sitting, crawling, and walking within the expected timeframes. He was always very charming - smiling at everyone.


We observed that Vinícius did not like to interact with children his same age, but rather only with older children and adults. We also noticed a delay in his speech - at 2 years old, he spoke few words. Even today, the words he utters are few, and sometimes I go days without hearing him speak.


Vinícius was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, cognitive issues, and attention deficit disorder. He started several therapies before his third birthday, including occupational therapy, ABA, speech therapy, and therapy with a psychopedagogue.


Vinícius is progressing, uses alternative communication, has improved his listening skills, and has advanced in school. He loves to be on the move, jumping, and running. He is extremely organized and is interested in housework such as cleaning, cooking, ironing, and tidying up. He loves walking in parks, malls and restaurants. Noises and smells don't bother him.


Reflections & hopes for the future

We hope he will be able to communicate verbally and improve his cognitive abilities.

Last updated 2023

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